Queer is a portal,
a perverse wormhole highlighted in gold.

To queer is to seek, to ask, to cross.
Queer – Quer – Athwart – Thwart – Perverse –
Transverse – Torquere. Torcere, to twist.
A straight line is not always the most effective route.

Twisting athwart the expanse of the current state of things,
to a blue unknown; the far edge of what can be seen.
Rayleigh scattering, tyndall scattering and
atmospheric perspective. Blue is the periphery, the outer-space, outcast, otherwise; perception not place.

A blue-screen, Searching . . .

Undefinable, multiple, fluid and fluctuating. Transshaping; topology.
Bending and flexing. A murmurating amorphous blob. Feeling blue,
like desire of falling, coming apart at the edges. To fall into pleasure;
pleasurable dissent of categorisation.

To be queer is to bend time and space, spaghettifying fixity
on its event horizon.

December 2017
Co-edited with Giulia Astesani (Beyond Beyond)

March 29, 2020