Blue Amadou: Rationalising a stepping away from rationality, 2019

The world around me is
in fact
oversaturated colour
promiscuously uncertain
provocatively absurd

It jolts me out of rationality
and hurls me on a detour
through flights of fancy

My habitual mind
made speechless

With no handrail of logic
to hold onto
and no rational line
to tread
I freefall
falling freely
my arms outstretched
into a cacophony
of unknowing

This undoes me

I instar
through expressways
to bubble universes
of what could be

Time folds over

My ability
to think straight
caked in a scattering of light

I feel my sides split open
my insides stain blue

Created for We belong to a poetry club, group exhibition with Davide Meneghello and Meneghello for Walk-in Studio, Milan