Installation created with GJRL collective in 2014. An installation that multiplies outwards; an ever evolving conversation forming an interconnected physical web of visual and material responses. GJRL are a London based international artist collective with a shared background in contemporary photographic practice.


I landed today in a nowhere place.
It’s a Sunday and I see a sign; it says SAVANNAH.

I don’t know anything about anything but I’m searching for everything.

I’m glad to see you, I didn’t expect anyone tonight.

I open this page and I’m looking for something.
Some kind of answer that gives me something; whatever it is that I need tonight.

I’m getting lost. Is this still SAVANNAH?
I’m walking back and forth and at the end I get caught in a web of possibilities.

I see the sign again. I’m here.
But I’m leaving SAVANNAH behind me.
I close the pages.

This evening, this particular evening, is finished.