Metacrush, 2015

Metacrush is an installation that explores the idea of coming apart and becoming a part.

As separate fragments interconnect through visual and material relationships, the space is presents the idea that we operate out of a resonance of having been part of something larger. In this fusion of scattered matter, tension is drawn between an anticipation of falling into wholeness and the accompanying unease of obliteration.

Installation details

Rubble, aggregate rock, rope with double figure of 8 climber’s knot running to ceiling, belaying mounted giclée print facing East, attached to the wall with a carabiner, photograph printed on cotton calico fabric, activated fan pointed towards the fabric, black painted tube lined with giclée print, two bricks, mirror bouncing light into the tube, cracked concrete paving slab, pink expanding foam.

Detail from Metacrush [Giclée print rolled into poster tube, black paint held up by two bricks, light reflected by mirror (out of shot)], 2015

About the work

This work was created during my Masters through my research into what I termed ‘fusion’. That instant in which lines of demarcation between your self and that which you are experiencing dissolve. It is chasing the night, feeling invincible and limitless. It is the sensation that only now exists and this now will last forever. It is wanting to get so close to your lover that you may have to peel off their skin and climb inside. It is desire, to consume and be consumed completely; to inhabit person, place or event and be inhabited by them. It is immersing yourself, merging into and becoming one, in a moment of pure embodied symbiotic forever-ness.

Eastern philosophy and spirituality may refer to this as Brahman. Western psychology would call it ‘Oceanic Feeling’, a desired feeling rooting back to the process we undergo as young children, when we begin to see ourselves as separate from the people, places, emotions and objects around us. It is a vital process in individuation but one that leaves us with a feeling that life has a gap in it and a yearning to fill it and once again attain cohesion. From a scientific perspective, this can be placed into the physical terms of all matter in our entire expanding Universe originating from one unified source – the Big Bang.

This state of fusion cannot be accessed through reason and rationale. It is beyond, an unmediated direct experience. Metacrush physically encounters you. It does not offer a state of fusion, it talks of the fault lines between entities; the gap, the void. It is familiar, yet alien; it is the desire and it is the entangled fear. Can I reassemble myself or will ‘I’ be lost in this ‘sea’ forever?