Where space is granular, time does not exist, and things are nowhere, 2016

We are in space already.

Lifeboat Residency – a year long studio residency based in London. It is supported by Artquest, Acava, UAL Postgraduate Community, and ArtsTemps

During this residency period I am working on ideas of Universal Interconnection. I am looking to space and physics. I am also looking into the Overview Effect, the deep sense of interconnection that Astronauts describe when seeing the planet from space. I am interested whether ideas of interconnection can provide a counter thought to our increasingly polarised societies; Brexit, ISIS, Trump-style politics and the current trend for fascist-rhetoric sweeping across the Western world.

I am working increasingly with found object to talk of the continual recycling of matter within the universe and referencing imagery of black holes, knot theory and space. Aside from the sculptural work I am beginning to develop a new way of working that assembles object, books, image to create an interconnected non-linear overview of the themes I’m exploring. I want to grow this into an installation of things that invite the viewer to connect together the seemingly disparate items, drawing their own sense of interconnection.


The studio residency is shared with 3 other artists – Libby Heaney, Rosemary Cronin, Verity Slade. In October we curated an exhibition of our work in the studio for Artlicks Weekend. The show explored our need, in a screenbased world, to incorporate moments of physical intimacy; where physical ‘bodies’ are present in real space interacting with a tangible something or someone. The studio became a physically networked space where issues of sexuality collided with ideas around multidimensions.

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