Feeling the Blues


Movement One: 4’45”, hold
Southwark Park Galleries, 2022

For Movement One an equivalent bodyweight of clay was wrestled through a movement score of 15 wrestling holds over 90 minutes. Exploring the nuances of holding through the metered environment of the competitive fight created a framework for ritualised power play to take place. A temporal dislocation, in which the repeat of what-has-happened was at once transposed, remixed, and folded into present experience, set into motion, and thickened by the what-is-happening, thus opening greater potential for what-could-happen. Each hold was felt-through live, timed at 4’45” by artist Linn Phyllis Seeger, and marked by the exclamation ‘hold’. The pre- and re- mains of this work were on display for the duration of the exhibition.


Movement Two: MAKE ME WET
Copeland Gallery, 2023

The wrestled clay, dried lighter, was pulverised through the rub and friction of the body during the second movement. Working with looping systems, the sounds produced were remixed live by sound artist Lyndon Lewis. This 45-minute performance was, again, entirely improvised. Working with a music-movement score created from 12 of the holds from Movement One, these were activated while wearing a suit created with the potential to break the set material down, tempering the toxicity of the dried clay through wet frottage. The pre- and re- mains of this movement were moved and exhibited at Beaconsfield Gallery on both sides of the performance.