Selected Archive

Rationalising a stepping away from rationality, 2019
We belong to a poetry club, Walk-in Studio, Milan Italy

The world around me is
in fact
oversaturated colour
promiscuously uncertain
provocatively absurd

This is at once
and unnerving

It jolts me out of rationality
and hurls me on a detour
through flights of fancy

My habitual mind
made speechless

With no handrail of logic
to hold onto
and no rational line
to tread
I freefall
falling freely
my arms outstretched
into a cacophony
of unknowing

This undoes me

I instar
through expressways
to bubble universes
of what could be

Time folds over

My ability
to think straight
caked in a scattering of light

I feel my sides split open
my insides stain blue

Anomalies in the flux of normal things, 2018 (Beyond Beyond)
Solo show, Nowhere Gallery, Milan Italy

Also exhibited in:
Stand by me, Pelagica, MiArt & Milano Art Week, Milan Italy
Strange Perfume, South London Gallery, London UK
Modern Queer Poets, Pilot Press: London UK

Notes for a new world order, 2017 (Beyond Beyond)
Solo show, Lifeboat studio residency, London UK

[iPad, blue paint, A3 Risoprints, visions of 17 women & nonbinary people in gold, planetary movements of Trappist-1 in red, golden nails, bulldog clips].

Also exhibited in:
Shape of things to come, Nowhere Gallery, Milan Italy

Where is space is granular, time does not exist, and things are nowhere, 2016
Screensavers, Lifeboat Studio Residency, London UK

[mathematical knot in copper with cosmic dust from the studio floor]
[mineral pushing found metal rusted object lifting floor tile]
[photographic print on fabric, nails, copper]

Metacrush, 2015
The Present Hurts, London College of Communication, London UK

we become a part, 2015


Deep Space Blue, 2015

[log split in two, two pieces of timber, deep space blue paint, giclée print]

in(habit), 2014
London College of Communication, London UK

Artlicks Weekend, A-SPACE, London UK

untitled, 2013


The Sleep Collection, 2013
Islington Mill Residency, Salford UK

The Breath Collection, 2011

[total collection: 17 handcrafted lightboxes with Duratran prints, each 1188mm x 841mm]

Culture Cloud, New Art Exchange, Nottingham UK
World Event Young Artists 2012, Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham UK
Vantage Art Prize 2012, Leeds UK
Salon Art Prize 2012, Matt Robert’s Gallery, London UK

Film Start Time, 2011
Solo show, HOME (previously Cornerhouse), Manchester UK

[10 handprinted photographs, framed, 540mm x 430mm]

Also exhibited in:
Manchester Contemporary, Represented by Paper Gallery, Manchester UK